Things to Consider When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

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Chicken Coop Plans - click here!When it comes to choosing the perfect hardwood flooring for your room, it could be quite a challenging task – especially if you have zero knowledge regarding hardwood and flooring. There are plenty of suppliers and installers of hardwood flooring in Guelph, Ontario, Canada – so be sure to do your homework and research potential companies to choose the best one. Important criteria to look out for are experience and knowledge in hardwood flooring. Grand River Flooring from Fergus, ON is a proud supplier of Superior Flooring from Rockwood, Ontario – the industry leader in hardwood flooring in Canada.

Hardwood Flooring Types

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When choosing hardwood floors for your home, consider the species of the hardwood. Yes, it makes a difference, and each species of wood represents different textures which are suitable only for certain settings. Consult your local Guelph, Ontario hardwood floor installer for suggestions. Some of the popular hardwood species are Walnut, Red Oak, White Oak, Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Ash, Maple, Hickory and so much more.

Next, you should consider the tone variation of the hardwood floor, and whether you want planks / strips or parkay / parquet. You could match the tone of the floor to the walls of the room you are planning on installing. Light tones are usually more modern and casual, while the darker tones are suitable for bed room, and a more elegant, traditional and classic touch. You should also consider the gloss level, or the ‘shine’ of the floors that you want, consult your installer on the types of gloss finish that they have.

Hardwood Flooring Companies Guelph Canada

There are many good Canadian hardwood flooring providers, and you should survey around before picking one. Consider the type of installation which best suits your home or room, whether it should be by nails, staples, or glue. Find out about the grades of the wood as well, and install them in appropriate areas, like how ‘all grades’ hardwood should be used in places that would be exposed to moisture. For longevity, go for thicker types although they are pricier.

Parquet flooring is known for its shade variation, so be sure to inquire to your provider regarding the levels of shade variation and see if you like it to be highly varied, medium varied or low varied. Other important things to consider are the edge profile, board width and trim options. Your supplier should know which is best for your home. When looking for a hardwood flooring installer in Guelph, Ontario – be sure that you find one which could provide you with quality results, with good pricing. Find out beforehand the sales price total to avoid hidden and extra charges.

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Guelph Area Hardwood Floors

Grand River Flooring is based in Fergus Ontario and proudly serves an area of about 50kms around Centre Wellington (Fergus, Elora, Belwood), including the Tri Cities (Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph), Arthur, Cambridge, Orangeville, Minto and Milton. A reliable and inexpensive supplier if you are looking for hardwood flooring in Guelph, Ontario.

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Why Choose a Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood Flooring Excellence

A hardwood floor shows off your commitment to excellence and your desire to be surrounded with natural trappings that others might avoid with synthetic wood or non-traditional types of flooring. Hardwood parquet flooring (not parkay) is great looking and exhibits the kind of natural feeling you would expect from flooring. The installation of hardwood flooring is something that someone with a level of experience might be more qualified to handle.

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In Guelph, Ontario there are professionals who can help you with the sales as well as the installing of your floor. You can get real Canadian quality from this kind of installation as well as the pricing of the wood floors themselves.

With proper care of your hardwood parquet flooring the consistency of the material will stay intact for a long time. But one should be careful since the natural make up of wood lends itself to expansion, contraction and eventual bowing from temperature changes and moisture. The largest boards that can be made before a structure is compromised ranges at about 5” wide and 3/4” thick. There are some manufacturers that can construct wider boards through their own techniques and they will work fine. There are no sizes that will perform well for every environment. Some pieces must be wider and some less thick to properly handle the climate of an area. One of the biggest restrictions that wood flooring has no matter where you are, is that professionals shouldn’t be installing them directly on top of concrete.

There is no doubt that hardwood flooring can be expensive. But when you work with the professionals of Grand River Flooring for a hardwood flooring project in Guelph, ON you can only expect to find the best installation price and service for hardwood parquet flooring as well as other types of wood. Some other types of wood they deal with are: walnut; red oak; white oak; ash; maple; hickory; and many more types of wood from exotic locales. With this increased expense comes the matter of construction integrity. Hardwood parquet flooring still retains the stability of construction as well as the beauty of natural wood so it is a win-win decision in the investment of your home.

Hardwood Sales and Installation

Also contact Grand River Flooring for hardwood flooring sales and installation in surrounding areas like Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Arthur and Orangeville.

Grand River Flooring (Fergus, Ontario) - Call 519-993-3269 for hardwood flooring projects in Guelph
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How To Choose A Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Flooring Guide

Does your puppy need training? Watch free sample lesson.Are you based in or around the Fergus area near the city of Guelph in southern Ontario and looking for up to the minute information on choosing the correct hardwood flooring? Well hopefully the following details will make your decision making that bit easier.

There is a wide and varied selection of flooring in the marketplace, but few can offer the quality that you require. Flooring should not be about look and colour, but the quality and workmanship and as a long term investment in your home.
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Types Of Hardwood

Choosing the right flooring such as hardwood, can pay huge dividends and in particular the longevity of the wood.

There are a huge amount of available types of hardwood flooring to choose from and of differing prices and include Ash, Red Oak, Walnut, White Oak, Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Maple and Hickory and all of these types of dark and light colours give a superb quality look and finish to any home.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

The installation of hardwood flooring should only be carried out by experienced tradespeople, as unlike cheaper market alternatives you’re dealing with a top end product and therefore you want the correct people on board to undertake the work and to certainly avoid any unwanted and expensive repair jobs through inexperience.

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Hardwood and parquet flooring not only gives your home a quality look, but also lasts so much longer that any of the other flooring alternatives in the marketplace and is certainly a long term investment in your home.

Grand River Flooring (Fergus, Ontario) - Call 519-993-3269 for hardwood flooring projects in GuelphThe folks at Grand River Flooring are specialists in hardwood flooring and bring you a local range of superior flooring from a local industry leader in hardwood from Rockwood, ON. The business are based in Fergus near the city of Guelph, Ontario and offer a superb free no obligation quote and try to get you the right design to suit your tastes and budget requirements. The company also offers a flexible delivery service covering approximately 50km around the area and includes areas like Cambridge, Kitchener, Orangeville, Arthur and Waterloo within the radius.

Grand River Flooring (Fergus, ON) is a great supplier for hardwood floors in Guelph homes.

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